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Mithai (dessert)

Gulab Jamun
£ 3.50   

Traditional Indian desert, Spongy milky balls soaked in rose-scented sweet syrup.

Soan Patisa
£ 3.50   

Traditional Indian flaky sweet with almonds and pistachios. It melts in your mouth due to crisp & softness *contains butter and nuts

Kulfi Ice Cream (Pistachio)
£ 2.50   

A deliciously tempting Indian ice-cream - the perfect cooling anecdote to a spicy Indian meal. 100ml * This item contain Nuts & Dairy

Kulfi Ice Cream (Almond)
£ 3.50   

Enjoy this delicious Almond Kulfi that is packed with the flavours, It makes a perfect Indian dessert.100ml * This item may contain Nuts & Dairy

Kulfi Ice Cream (Mango)
£ 2.50   

Mango Kulfi Ice Cream in a cone cup is made from unique recipe using fresh Mango blended together with milk and cream to give you a whole new exotic experience. 100ml * This item contain Nuts & Dairy

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