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Plain Naan
£ 2.50   

The traditional tandoori Plain Naan bread is arguably the most favourite amongst our customers. A perfect accompaniment to a variety of dishes.

Garlic Naan
£ 3.50   

For all the garlic lovers out there…Our Garlic Naan Bread are a huge hit with our customers…Add a little extra flavour to your meal with this tasty bread infused with fresh chopped garlic and coriander.

Peswari Naan
£ 3.50   

Filled with coconut to sweeten you up 

Tandoori Roti
£ 2.50   

Thin bread baked in a tandoor (clay oven)

Aloo Paratha
£ 3.50   

Popular paratha stuffed with potato

Plain Paratha
£ 2.50   
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Chilli Naan
£ 3.50   

With fine chopped green chillies

£ 1.80   

Light thin bread

Garlic and Chilli Naan
£ 3.50   

Combination of both fresh garlic and chopped green chillies

Plain Puree
£ 1.60   

Thin bread deep fried

Cheese Naan
£ 3.50   

Filled with melted cheese

Keema Naan
£ 3.50   

Filled with mince lamb

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